Lawn Service


Ciraulo's   Lawn & Landscaping is a full service maintenance company. Our  trained staff of experts will help you maintain a huge variety of  outdoor landscape services. Our commitment, passion, and excellent  customer service continues to make our company the leader in the  landscape industry.
Our  Goal is to treat clients with the highest standards and perfection.  Ciraulo's Lawn & Landscaping will always help you achieve the most  professional outdoor living place around. By continuing to maintain your  lawn, plants, bushes,and trees you can rest a sure you can enjoy the  outdoors. This has been our goal always and we are proud to say we still  continue to do this still today and for years to come.
Consider some of the services we offer:

Lawn Maintenance
Lawn Fertilization
Bush Trimming/Pruning
Spring & Fall Cleanup
Mosquito/Insect Control
Mulch/Decorative Stone
Trees & Shurbs
Because  we are a green company by installing trees into a landscape project it  serves as a background for your home and helps conserve energy by  providing shade to your home and protecting your home from the bad  elements.

Shurbs,  with many varieties of size, hardness, growth, and soil tolerance will  enhance your landscaping. We will carefully select the right shurbs for  your home to highlight the home and surroundings. Shurbs although make  your homes landscaping complete, they also provide privacy.

Perennials & Annuals
Perennials  are flowering plants that we install next to your bushes that will give  a verity of color to accent your shurbs and trees. They come up every year and can be planted alone in beds and boarders or combined with  annuals or shurbs and trees in planting beds. 

Annuals  have many colors and can be used to accent your perennials. The drawdraw back is that they only last one season and will need to be planted every  year. We can do this for you each year and it really makes your  planting beds have a variety of colors. landscape maintenance lawn service